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AloeHydrate Swiss Apple Stem Cell Face Serum; anti-Aging serum

AloeHydrate Swiss Apple Stem Cell Face Serum; anti-Aging serum

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Our regenerative Swiss Apple Stem Cell face serum is an anti-aging facial treatment that uses the latest in bioscience technology and best USP and Cosmetic grade ingredients available. We formulate Swiss apple stem cell face serum using Aloe vera juice as our base; not water and Aloe powder. This is important because Aloe provides you with more than water; it provides amino acids, vitamins and polysaccharides to help create the best microenvironment for rejuvenation and to  facilitate skin absorb of the Hyaluronic acid, Ceramide and Hemp oil and other active ingredients we use. Further our Ceramide and Hemp oil are made to be water soluble. This further enhances their skin penetration and effectiveness over oils, plus it eliminates that oily greasy feeling. Here is what our key ingredients do for you:   

  1. Swiss Apple Stem Cell culture stimulates epidermal cell growth
  2. Hyaluronic acid both holds in moisture and stimulates collagen production
  3. Ceramide softens and helps seal in moisture
  4. Hemp seed oil extract helps to moisturize and balance skin texture
  5. Aloe vera hydrates, quiets inflammation, stimulates healing and protects against UV damage

Naturally Effective, Clean, Pure and Simple!

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