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Amaranth Milo

Concentrated niacinamide serum 5% Wise Actives

Concentrated niacinamide serum 5% Wise Actives

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Gel-textured niacinamide serum that improves skin condition. With 5% pure niacinamide and other active ingredients – panthenol, ceramides, hyaluronic acid and prebiotics. Active gel-textured niacinamide serum that helps to improve skin condition, moisturizes and solves skin problems.

ACTIVE composition with:
Niacinamide (B3) 5%
Panthenol (B5)
Ceramide complex
Hyaluronic acid

EFFECTS of the active ingredients contained in the serum:
Help to restore skin’s protective barrier
Effectively maintain the moisture balance of the skin
Reduce pores
Have calming effect
Nourish sensitive mature skin
Protect against environmental effects, provide with antioxidants
Even skin tone
Improve skin microflora

Product volume 50 ml

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