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Amaranth Milo

Regenerating serum Wise Cosmetics 45 g

Regenerating serum Wise Cosmetics 45 g

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Exceptionally rich face serum for mature skin routine and improvement.
» Deep hydration
» Nourishment
» Improvement of skin condition
» Preservation of skin youthness

Could be used as eye cream for all skin types.

Based on the conducted instrumental tests, used regularly over a period of 2 weeks serum:
» Improved skin elasticity by an average of 9%
» Improved skin firmness by an average of 22%
» Shortened wrinkles by an average of 7%
» Flattened wrinkles by an average of 10%

Product showed good skin care properties. Active composition with:
Hyaluronic acid
Ceramide complex
Vitamin A, C, E
Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)
Palmitoyl tripeptides
Aloe vera extract and hydrolised silk
Green tea, black currant, rapeseed and sunflower oils
Active complexes: SKINectura and Beauactive

Effects of active substances in this serum:
Nurtures mature skin
Maintains optimal skin moisture balance
Fights age-related skin changes
Improves skin’s microbiota
Promotes healthy cell production and skin regeneration
Promotes collagen production and increases skin elasticity
Protects from the environmental damage, provides antioxidants
Smoothes skin colour and soothes the skin

Quantity – 45 ml

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