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Tan Erebus

Skin Cell Energizing - Clay Mask

Skin Cell Energizing - Clay Mask

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A natural level of self-care:

Pamper your skin to a higher level with our Skin Cell Energizing Clay Mask which gently rejuvenates your skin cells by delivering only natural, fresh and clean ingredients.

One of the gentlest clays available:

Kaolin clay contains no harsh or drying ingredients. Aside from drawing impurities out of the skin, Kaolin clay also delivers crucial minerals.

Deep pink schisandra berry extract provides astringent properties and antioxidants to help strengthen skin against environmental exposure.

Lactic Acid provides a more gentle exfoliation experience.

Vitamins C and E keep the skin soft, moisturized and toned.

Rosehip seed oil heals scars and doesn't clog pores.

Geranium gives skin a radiant glow while toning and reducing fine lines.

Make this mask a self-care party worthy of your weekends.
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